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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The '70 'burb

Finally got a chance to take a few photographs of the completed 1970 Schwinn Suburban.  This is a pretty nice bike...really heavy and built for at least another 40 years!
1970 Ladies Schwinn Suburban "The Burb" 5-speed
Considering this one had a little more rust than my other three, it still cleaned up really nice.  As the others did, it had a complete tear down and overhaul.  So this bike is like new mechanically, but with a little patina!  I'm still amazed at how well the rust can be removed, then polished and waxed to protect it.  The frame and painted parts were also derusted and buffed to bring back some shine, then waxed.  Since I had originally intended on keeping this one for myself, I indulged in new, puncture resistant Continental TourRide tires, and donated the old gum walls (as well as some other parts removed from my projects) to the Sacramento Bike Kitchen as they were still in decent shape.  I just don't like the gumwalls!

New brake pads and a check up with my LBS (he does this for me for free!!!) and she is good to go!
Shiny chainring, crank, bow pedals, pie plate, and derailleur.  Rehabbed freewheel, chain, and chainguard.

Seat completely rehabbed to shine!

Serial number on head tube.  Polished brake caliper and new brake pads. 

Shiny handlebars, stem , brake levers, gear shifter
For more photos of before and after, go to my flickr account.

This one is soon to be on the market.  Hope to find her a good home, where she will be well loved!


anniebikes said...

Wow. My mother-in-law has this exact bike. I moved it yesterday to clean out the shed, then moved it back in so I am blown away that it's an exact match. Someday I hope to acquire this bike and restore it. Thanks for your photos.

Sherrill said...

Your welcome anniebikes! This is a really sweet bike. It was easy to work on and fun to refurbish. Enjoy yours someday!

Trevor said...

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I have joined as your first follower and would like to invite you to visit my blog
It would be great if you were to become a follower on my blog also...
Ido hope that you continue to post on your blog....