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Friday, March 16, 2012

Not true, but not untrue!

So, I tried one more time on the front wheel of the 'burb.  Still couldn't get it just so.  Took it to Bill @ my LBS.  He puts it on his stand, makes a few adjustments, gives me some pointers, and said that I really didn't do too bad.  That the 40+ yr old wheel will probably never be quite true again, unless I want to replace all of the spokes, which may not help.

He said the slight low spot (or flat spot) will not affect the ride, and I'll probably never notice it.

So, all that stress for nothin'!  I guess it's nice to hear I did the best I could for it!

And to top it off, Bill wouldn't charge me!  He's done that before.  Have to think of something to do for him!

The bikes almost back together, had to do some work on the seat.  Can't wait for the rain to stop so I can take a test ride, and some photos!

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Sixes said...

find out if he likes posole and we can take him some this weekend