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Friday, March 30, 2012

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Today was absolutely gorgeous!  The first day that really felt like spring.  So, we decided to truck our new bikes down to town and take a little ride.  Both new Electras loaded into the back of the Chevy (we have a Thule receiver hitch and rack ordered for my car) drove the whopping 3 miles (1 mile on our dirt road and 2 miles on Fiddletown Road) down to town and parked by the RV park & fairgrounds to unload.  This was my first real chance to ride the Amsterdam Royal 8i, having only test rode it around the parking lot at East Sac Bike

So we wandered around the RV park, through Amador County Fairgrounds,
The Dude on his Electra Vince 3i in front of the Pokerville Saloon @ the fairgrounds.

up to an old building on a hill to take some photos,
The Dude's Electra Vince 3i Cruiser

Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i

I look like a dork!
to the Vintage Market for a sandwich and bottled, old fashioned sodas.
Then it was off to an estate sale up Pacific Street that the Dude had seen advertised in the local paper, where we rode past the old Plymouth mine with old rusting equipment everywhere.  My bell was dinging by itself so everyone thought I was ringing at them.  Had several people in their yards look up, smile and wave at me!  Bought two large Pyrex measuring bowls at the estate sale.  After which, we stopped by the library to return two books.  Rae, the librarian, test rode my bike up and down Main Street, ringing the bell with a big grin on her face!
Then it was back to the truck to load up and head home.  Nice ride around town.  I love this bike.  Wish I lived where we had more bikeable territory, but riding these country roads would be downright dangerous.  Looking forward to cruising into Fort Collins to enjoy the sidewalk cafes!


Sixes said...

I am so jealous - not only of the bike ride, but of the beautiful weather!!!

Sherrill said...

Wha...? Chicklet, we could have ridden when you were here, but it seemed like you were afraid of the gears and the brakes.