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Thursday, February 19, 2009

California rainbow trout

Well, my brother, Gregg, visited in mid January and wanted to go fishing. They fish in the midwest(Oklahoma, Missouri) year round, here in CA many fisheries close for the spawning season, but was able to find a couple of places open. So off we went to the American River in the January!! Beautiful with the pines and the snow, but cooolld. Gregg thought that boulder hopping and climbing down the embankment in the snow was too much work! He's used to pulling right up to the river, rigging, and fishing in shallow, pebbley water! Plus he got skunked, which he is not used to! Then we went to the American River just below Natomas dam. Now this is a big river with large salmon and most fly fishermen fish it with a drift boat, but what the hey, he tried it from the bank. No luck, but did see some very large salmon making reds and jumping out of the water!

So, the next day we went to the Mokelumne, Gregg called it the "mook" because the locals call it the Moke('umne' is river in native Indian)! We proceeded to spend the morning getting skunked. Then he pulls out his trusty soft hackle!! and begins to catch wild California rainbow trout! We all hooked at least one or two, Gregg probably hooked about 4-5! So he said he was happy, he didn't get skunked, even though they were just 8-10 inches! The thing is, California is harder to fish than most people think! The fish are wily, not at all like those Okie hick fish they catch on practically anything like tin-cans! But hey, chalk up a fish caught in one more state!

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