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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs...

Or....more correctly...insects...mostly hexapods (one arthropod!). Bugs are actually Hemiptera....I guess if I'm going to be a scientist, I should use the correct language ;). Even though a darkling beetle (coleoptera) is a stink bug to me. And I refuse to change!
For those who don't know, I took Entomology last semester. The term paper was a 60 insect collection which could include arthropods(8 legs). It had to have 18 Orders and 40 Families. All correctly labeled to archival quality! It was close but I made the 18 orders, which was the hardest. Thanks to the Homoptera(cicada) that someone picked up in the front yard and mailed to me from Missouri (Mom)! And yes you actually get credit on the label as the collector for all of eternity! And another lucky classmate got the other one! So double luck! And thanks for the baby Phasmidae (walking stick) that was collected on a lawn mower under a cabin (Rhonda) and mailed to me from Missouri as well (too bad the adult didn't make it)!
At first I didn't want to touch them, and the thought of looking at them under a microscope was not at all what I would call anticipation!! I really don't mind bugs, but just didn't want them on me. I could stand back and admire a nice bug but didn't want to be pokin' it!! But after awhile, they really look like toys, the hairy ones look like stuffed animals! I still have to mentally desensitize to look at cockroaches though!
I'm still collecting and have a few in the freezer waiting to be pinned. I now keep them there for at least a day to make sure they don't wake up! I won't say that I am an avid collector (I don't carry my collecting equipment everywhere) but I do enjoy getting something different to add.
So enjoy the creepy crawlies!!

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