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Sunday, November 23, 2008

ABCD fish

Fishing on the little creek that runs through Neosho, Mo. last June. Fishing w/ Gregg & Dad.

When I finish school, and we sell this house, this will be my daily attire....okay, maybe every other day!

As I was fishing, I noticed little pieces of china and old glass along the shore. I thought, "How'd this get here", then I remembered they'd had tornados a few years before. Strange, long had someone had those things and they end up in the little creek and who knows where else. Makes you realize nothing is certain and unchanging!


maria hutfles said...

Finally a new post! What beautiful pictures you added!!

Treehugger said...

Wow, thanks, Seriously...I didn't think anyone was still checking!!!
I plan on posting some stuff during winter break!