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Sunday, September 23, 2007

While visiting in Missouri this summer(June '07), my sister and her son, Andy visited. My Dad built a fort in the side yard (which my mother has a fit about and I don't know why because they live in the Ozarks for crise sake!!). But unfortunately Andy keeps growing!! and hit his head on the railing when he climbed on. So Dad made a quick modification!
But what struck me while viewing my photos again, was "I hope in 2o years I will still be building forts!". Although, with as many near misses and near death experiences as he has had.....! I can't even go in his garage cause it is an accident waiting to happen! Electrical cords duct taped together cause they've gotten cut in half with the saw...the one your using! I guess breaking ribs and almost squashing your head with a motorhome gives you reasons to buy new cruiser motorcycles on a fixed income!...cause life could be short!

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