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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, after a short visit to "The OC", where I had a whirlwind schedule trying to visit my friends I was off to Misery (MO) which actually wasn't as miserable as usual. The weather was mild, except for the rain which made fishing slow (due to the muddy water). It was still fun to get into the water and fish, my Dad kicked my but at Roaring River by catching several bluegill! The trout just weren't biting, but I managed to snag a few minnows!
My nephew, Andy, caught several crawdads at Jolly Mill. Apparently this is a favorite past time of many people (figures in the Ozarks!). I wouldn't say I would make a point to go do it, but it was fun to watch the kids catch them. They put a ball of cheese in a small piece of panty hose and tie it onto some fishing line at the end of a stick! The crawdads jump on almost instantly!

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