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Friday, April 20, 2007


It has been so pretty lately. Its always pretty, but the new colors of spring are amazing. The sky is endless blue with soft white puffy clouds against a chartreuse background of trees and hills. We've had a show of purple lupine, a white flower like babys breath covering some hills, and a lilac colored flower that resembles a firework on a long stalk.
A few weeks ago, we did some (yard, lol) cleanup. Cut some lower limbs in the grove and in front of the house so we could mow easier. It also gives a more park-like setting. We graded a little more in front of the house where the original excavators made a mess, had to wait for the ground to dry a bit, cuz the tractor can rut it up with it's tires. Have been adding the dirt to the front of the front stoop to build it up and try to make the slope easier.

The picture with the trees and the red shop in the background is what I call the grove. (The front of the house is above me to the left but facing the same direction). The flat rocks are 'picnic rock'. Both came out of the hole we dug for the basement. One is positioned just right that you can sit on it and view the valley (remember deb?) The delta breeze comes up out of the valley and is just right in the summer afternoons. I can just imagine a tall lemonade and relaxing with a book. Maybe someday!
Ron is away at catastrophe adjusters school and seems to be doing well. A couple of good years should make up for his early retirement.
Had a visit from Darrell Freeman, a ret. sgt he used to work with who lives in the Sac area. Was a nice surprise for Ron who get's a little lonely!! He goes to the shop and no one stops by like they used to when we lived in the tract home! Only the turkeys wander by! And the poor propane delivery guy gets an earful. I think that may have been the hardest for him to adjust to. Thank goodness for the call's from his buddies (DW, ML!). Hope Ron doesn't turn into the Laguna Beach greeter!!, standing on the road waving at the passing cars!

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