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Monday, March 05, 2007

work work work

Here’s a pix of the guest bath. Still have a few minor cosmetic things to finish.

All of the lights are installed. Ron has been working on the casing and trim for the doors (picture next time!) and it is coming out really nice.
Finished the cabinet that the fridge goes into and installed it yesterday. The fridge is a beast but the appliance store loaned us their slides which were a big saver! It looks pretty good, Ron is going to build the door and drawer panels today. I’ve been painting when I can and hope to finish the cabinet doors and drawers this week.

The stove was delivered and I love it, but it was scary for a few days. Apparently you have to burn these beasts in (it’s a Wolf. BTW, a 6 burner, convection commercial range for those with appliance envy! You know who you are!), I thought it was going to catch the house on fire. Apparently they coat the insides of these things during manufacturing. Burn in is 2 hours, first at 250 and then at 500 degrees. It smoked up the whole house, fortunately it was a nice day and I opened up the windows (about 20 of them!). The thing made all kinds of snapping and popping noises, the cabinets made all kinds of snapping noises. After an hour and a half, I just shut it off! Ron called the service guy who said, “if it’s not blistering the paint” don’t worry about it. Okay….. The whole thing gets hot. Someone we know has one (name withheld to protect…..well definitely not the innocent) and he said his actually expanded and had to have the cabinets moved! Well, I believe it because there is no gap between ours and the cabinets. We’ll wait and see what happens. So each time I use the oven, I just kept an eye on it. I haven’t run it at high temp for that long so it doesn’t seem to get as hot. I do love the simmer function on the burners. No boiling over or spitting from under the lid when you simmer rice. I never could get a regular range to do that no matter how low I turned it. I know, Ron says it still cooks Mac ‘n’ Cheese the same! And for those of you who called me a Nancy….see if I cook you anything!

Sorry I missed a birthday on Feb 28… from the stress on test day.


Robby said...

Looks great...and those wide halls are even glad you have a friend thats looking out for you!! Robby

ltcadiz said...

whats the dog doing looking at a wall. heavey iron pans for frying work great on wolfy ranges.

ltcadiz said...

malox and tums for ron