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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Floor is done......

Well most of it! The main floor floors are done. Still have the breakfast room, two sets of stairs & the upper floor. Pretty hard work but came out really nice and saved $$$$$!

In the middle of the flooring job we decided to take the closet out of the guest bedroom to make it a little larger. We'll build in an armoire to make up for it. The closet really was a waste of space the way it was framed. Anyone who might have stopped by and saw drywall and 2x4's flying out the window of a brand new house would've really wondered!
Our fridge gets delivered on Tues. The stove has a few more weeks. Can't wait.
Ron has settled into retirement pretty good. Has been keeping busy making the window trim (x54!). He is making each as a unit that he will install once I've painted them all. He's going to a school in April for some work he's interested in. If it works out he will work on a seasonal basis.
The weather has been too good (after the cold snap that everybody had passed) so I took the MBz & the VW (no not the '67...still awaiting some TLC! but it is in the garage) out for a little spin around the winery roads just to keep them running. The benz is nice but the VW is more fun!! The weather was so nice that I had the top down....on the VW!!
The cows from a neighboring ranch have been out and roaming around again. Woke up one morning to find them in the little valley between the house and the garage. Don't mind them so much except that Maddie likes to roll in the poop and eat it! Plus they poop near the house and with the nice weather we have opened the windows to find that corral #5 aroma wafting in!!!
Well school started last week but I only have to commute in 2 days/wk. Taking only Chem so I can try to get alot of work done on the house and then next semester back to full time. Really I want to be working before I become a half centurian!


ltcadiz said...

nice floor needs base boards though. what do you need a stove for rons mac and cheese.

just remember 54 windows need cleaning.

ltcadiz said...

cows are so much fun

Maria Hutfles said...

I'm in love with your house. And because you need someone to come and clean your 54 windows...

Gregg and I are moving in.


Chris said...

Cant wait to come see again!! Had a great time. We are about to start some serious renovations - look forward to it but not all the work! Rhonda