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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My name is Madison

I turned five years old last week and I live in the country. I used to live in the city, but the people I live with moved. Sometimes it is lonely and sometimes there are dangerous things out here, like wild dogs and snakes that bite me on the nose. But mostly I like it because I have a lot of room to run around and the people can’t catch me.
This is one of my favorite places to lay, it is the deck off the spare bedroom and off the office.

I can see a long way from here, and I can see who is coming down the driveway. I can see the big animals with spikes sticking out of their head and the big walking birds. Plus it is quiet here when the “people” are making a lot of noise.

They make me tired when they move around a lot and sometimes I don’t get my naps during the day. Sometimes I get so tired I don’t even follow them all the way to the house and I stop in the middle of the field and lay down. This is what I can see when I am on the deck! And there is the field where I have to walk back and forth.

They built a front porch so I can lay there, too!


Maria Hutfles said...

Dear Madison,
My name is Tinkerbell. I am cat.
I don't usually like dogs, but I think I would like you.

I like to lie on the front porch too. I usually curl up in an old flower pot.

My people just adopted two bratty kittens. They call the kittens "cutie and sweetie-pie" - that makes me want to barf in their shoes. I call the kittens shitheads! They are always in my favorite lap when I want to sleep there.

But at least I don't have animals with pointy things coming out of their heads. That sounds scary.

I hope you are very careful when you are out playing and romping around.

Your penpal,

Sixes said...


I think you've got one of the best places in the world to live and nice people to live with. You're one lucky pooch!


maxnmolly said...


You are one lucky dog!! My people keep me in a fenced backyard most of the time. We do get to sleep inside the house on pillows at night, but are outside all day long, even when it is cold!! We do have a fun place to go once in a while. It's in Kansas and it is big. We have those pointy headed animals too an we like to chase them with Blue, Sis and Sandy. We also have water there and we love to swim, especially Sis and Sandy.
Last night in our backyard we killed a possum and it made me(Max) throw up 'cause I chewed on it too much!!!
Maybe someday we'll meet you!
Max and Molly

treehugger said...

Wow, I'll have to tell maddie she has fan mail! Don't get her started, she really can talk alot especially around "breakfast" and "six o'clock"!