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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Connected At Last!

The long awaited installation of my phone line is finished! I can live without Starbucks (even though my friends said I couldn’t) but cannot live without the internet. Just in time for school, too. The ability to search for info, check out everyone else’s blogs, do research, find companies and products, order from LLBean and Lands End are all too necessary and convenient! What would we do if we had to rely on the phone book?! I go up to the house, sit on the subfloor in the office and connect!

Well, we are so far behind and Ron had to go back to the OC. He will be coming up as often as he can for the next several months to finish up. I am installing flooring (wood) so we can install the rest of the cabinets. Then it is off to rent a floor sander and finish the stuff! Even though we are behind, it is going well. Still sad the drywall came out so poorly (didn’t have the time to redo it), but the outside is painted and looks great. I’ve been working inside with the air conditioning running! The paving crew finished chip sealing the sloped portions the last 700 feet of the driveway Thursday.

Before Ron left we had a rattlesnake that decided it wanted to settle in for the night under my car. Since we’d finished the basement bathroom, Ron and sometimes me, were walking up to the house to shower (Oh, how Ron has missed a real shower with actual water pressure!). As we returned to the trailer, we heard a strange noise. I thought to myself, “That’s too loud for cicadas”. Fortunately that night I had decided to grab the flashlight and I started quickly searching near us! Ron said, “It’s over by your car”. I park the car about 15 ft from the trailer. Sure enough, coiled up under the engine area was a nice sized rattler, pissed off that we were disturbing his evening. We put Maddie in the trailer and as Ron went to get the ‘copperhead’ (rusty shovel!), I kept an eye on it. He came back with it and a piece of plywood for a shield! He poked at this thing several times, but it wouldn’t budge. Ron said it knew it’s fate! As Ron moved around the car (at a safe distance) the thing would move around under by car but wouldn’t come out. Finally I told him to spray it with water. It took several minutes because Ron’s aim wasn’t good, but it finally came out. I yelled at Ron and he grabbed the ‘copperhead’ and ran around the car to catch it before it went into the wood pile. He reared up with the ‘copperhead’ and plunged it at the rattlers head, which it lost. I think I’ll call Ron The Executioner and have him wear a black hood.


Sixes said...

Ron the Executioner.. should we get him a black mask to wear?

ltcadiz said...

let the kitty kill the snakes