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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hafta wait

So, we are almost over the summer. School starts in 3 wks! Weather has been really mild except for a few weeks, have hardly run the AC, but Aug isn't over yet!!! We are really behind since we haven't been able to get everyone out of our way.....but we are making progress and everything is coming out really nice. Just have a few things left for the contractor...attic insulation, the rock on the chimney, the front stoop, bathroom shower pan prep. We actually have a full bath in the basement which Ron has really been enjoying!!!! The garage is clean and two of the (my!) cars have been moved to their new home! The woodshop is set up and some saw dust has been made! I've been installing the wood flooring and it is coming out nice....but much more to go.
We have a flock of 19 turkeys this year, 2 adults and the rest juvi's! They come through about once a week if there isn't alot of commotion.
Our contractor said he saw three bobcat cubs playing on our driveway on his way in one morning. I haven't seen them but keep looking. Haven't seen the coyotes in a while either.
Otherwise everything is going good. I'm getting impatient to have my phone line, the phone co. has installed a pole on the paved road (the line is underground) and have shot a pull rope from the road down to our customer pole and I'm waaaaiiiiiittttiiiing for them to finish the wire. I think I'm gonna die...I just want a phone line so I can go online any d@#& time I want!!! I think I'm gonna break open a bottle of bubbly when it happens!! You know it's just the simple things in life that are important!, septic, phone line, heating, etc!!!!
To Robby, hope you had a happy B-day and take it easy!!


Sixes said...

Phone lines are important, but the septic tank would rank #1 with me!! Bathrooms are a big plus..

ltcadiz said...

is the kitty chaseing the turkeys around

ltcadiz said...

whats a septic tank for thats why you have trees