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Thursday, July 06, 2006

At Last

Well, I snuck into the RV park to use the dial in line!! I have a phone line ordered and hopefully It won't be toooooo long before I am a part of the cyber world again!!
I dreaded this, but Maddie got bit by a rattlesnake again....idiot dog! Ron was walking down from the house and saw her walk up to a log pile and sniff it. Said almost instantaneously she jumped and yelped. He was several feet behind her and didn't see anything but a mole hole, so he thinks the snake was in the hole. Another rush to the vet! She was sick for about a week but with less swelling than the first time. Guess I'll have to deal with this every year!! Thank goodness for snake vaccine.
Maddie says, "yes, my nose is twice a large as normal. It hurts so quit lookin at it".
I killed a small rattler by the front door of the house, it had only one rattle. Three squirrels are tormenting Madison. I'd say "she'll never catch them" but she would probably prove me wrong. So far she has caught 4 moles that I know about!
Ron killed a gopher snake that he mistook for a rattlesnake (w/no rattle!!), Of course I tease him. I had to learn him on snake Identification! A couple days after the snake bite I saw a big rattler, so I showed him what they look like. He "shoveled it". A couple days later the turkey vultures took it away. It was pretty cool to watch them circle. The can smell rotting meat from a pretty good distance. The gas companies track gas leaks in large interstate pipelines by sending the smell of rotting meat through the pipes. Where ever the turkey vultures congregate.... there's a leak. I learned me that in bird school!!!
The house is drywalled, the two decks are on the front, the painter is supposed to start on Monday, we've ordered garage doors. I've selected the tile, flooring, and many fixtures for the baths and lights. I'm staining and finishing the front door. So we are just waiting for the drywall texture and paint(Wish we had Phil B to drywall!!!).
They opened an IKEA in West Sac...hallelujah. Unless you are from the bay area, no one around these parts knew what IKEA was!!


ltcadiz said...

you have a dum kitty

ltcadiz said...

where the kittys house

ltcadiz said...

why do you kill snakes

Sixes said...

The house looks beautiful. You need to take some pics from all sides though and then some from the inside looking out.. I want to see what you see when you're looking out! Are you living inside it yet?

Miss ya!

Robby said...

Lookin great! Good job lady!!

Be Happy 3 said...

Are you sure this isn't a mansion?