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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

View from the back

Well if that title didn't get your attention.......
Here is a picture of the back of....the house.

As for other news, Maddie was chased down the hill by two coyotes this morning. Every morning she runs around barking as if it is her morning territory staking. But the barking changed to yipping. Luckily I was in the garage and heard the racket(I think it was the coyotes yipping though) and saw her race by the window. By the time I got outside she had made it to the back corner of the garage with the two coyotes chasing her about 10 feet behind. They were looking for Madison Tartar! I yelled and they stopped. One ran away, the other just walked about 40 feet away and stopped and turned. Fortunately, Maddie listened when I called her off because she had turned and started after them. Not good! I walked after the one to try to scare it but it only sauntered up the hill and stopped on a rock. I backed away (so as not to show my back). I checked on it a few more times and it had lay down on the rock about 100 feet from the garage above the pump house. When I left for school, it wasn't on the rock. I sure hope they can't jump the 6' kennel fence!
I've seen one coyote before, so before I let Maddie out I get dressed and have shoes on just in case. I guess I have to go out with her now!!

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Maria Hutfles said...

Poor Maddie - what an awful experience.