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Friday, May 05, 2006

Last two wks

I only have 2 wks left of school. I've been so busy with papers, and studying for tests. And I haven't taken an updated picture, but the guys are finishing the siding on the back, so will take one this weekend. Look for it next week. Ron is up for the weekend, and has 40 acres to mow!!!, while I study.
But here's something funny to tide you over. This week, I was walking around the back of the house and the grass is tall. The sun was out so the lizards were running around.....well one of them thought that the inside of my pant leg looked good. It ran all the way up to the back of...well you know. So I grabbed the back of my pants and had to run around to the front of the house(all of the other doors are installed and don't have hardware so you can't open them from the outside). Took my pants off and through the lizard out the window!!! The little blue belly was probably very frightened after having been...well you know. Poor guy! Ahhh, the country!


Rhonda said...

The joys of nature!

Be Happy 3 said...

Andy liked your blog so much he made me read it twice.