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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Got mower?

Guess who got to mow instead?
Don't need no silly little riding lawn mowers!!
For you city people, that red thing in the back is the mower!! Goes through knee deep grass like it's nothin'. I like to make shapes in the grass, Ron just shakes his head. He calls them crop circles!! I think I could've written my name(but it's really not good for the mower to make turns like that!)!!

I bet Andy would like to mow!!


Rhonda said...

You're so butch!!!

I'm so jealous!!

Be Happy 3 said...

Hey, I would like to mow crop circles!!

ltcadiz said...

wheres your kitty did you run it over

Robby said...

You just crack me up!!!

Robby said...

So where's the new pictures????