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Thursday, April 20, 2006

class cancelled!

well, I drive all the way to Sac and class is cancelled, which leaves me w/6 hours to hang around 'til my next class. So lucky for you guys, I will post another picture! Ooh the excitement!! I know you all can hardly contain yourselves!!

We decided to add transom windows over the two double french doors in the back, so we waited for the doors to be installed til those came in. Should be Monday. Oh, and by the way, the mullions (or the grids in the windows) were ordered wrong (by the company, whew) so all of them in the single hung windows have to be replaced. They will look like the ones in the square windows that only have one horizontal and one vertical grid.
The siding is going a little slower since they can't wrap the door openings, and the shingles in the gables take a little longer. The shingles are made by hardie and they are panels that have a pattern in them, so this takes a little longer to measure and match them up. But it looks great and the guys are doing a great job. Might have them back to do interior trim if ron & I don't have time to finish it (and if we have any money left!!!)
Notice the blue sky in the background (finally).

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ltcadiz said...

so the kitty got a mole. what about the turkeys has she caught one yet