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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had great weather over the weekend, the swallows have arrived and are everywhere.
The roofers have been busy and worked ove the weekend, since we've had so much rain during the week.
Decided to throw in a picture of the back of the house this time. The bumpout on the left is the master bathroom, the bumpout of the right is the breakfast room w/ the roof for hte screened porch in front of that. The center is the living room and attached porch.
The roof over the front stoop had to be torn apart....the forgot that I wanted a open beam framing and not closed in trusses. Poor guys, had to start over.
Otherwise it is coming out really good!


maxnmolly said...

Cool! Check out marie's blogspot to see a pic of max and molly!

Maria Hutfles said...

I'm so in love with your house. Can I reserve a room for a weekend when it's finished??

ltcadiz said...

it looks like a bunch of sticks
your mean makeing them do it over again why isnt there a kitty in the picture